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News Posting is Awesome!

2009-03-16 04:43:05 by shaydezehetbauer

Well, I've got nothing to post news about so here, have an amusing video.

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2009-03-16 05:41:19

You've got my warm welcome.


2009-03-16 05:42:02

With both this post and the account.

shaydezehetbauer responds:


Could you explain that abit? xD


2009-03-16 08:31:39

Truth is I'm not a very specific person on commenting.
First of all, I know it's your first day on this account by looking at the NG stats.

Also, your first post is a bit bland via the post title, unsure of the reasons, or I was feeling tired when I wrote this.
On a slightly different topic, I never liked posting news on my page at first mainly because of abusive comments from jerks who think new users are like freshmen at school.
My apologies, still a bit confused with other news posts on NG by other users.

shaydezehetbauer responds:

I getchya now.

The only reason I made the post was because my page was looking a little empty, which maybe as you can see now isn't the case!